#14 | 20.07.2020

NEWSLETTER 20.07.2020

Hi everyone, and welcome to this weeks newsletter!:)

Its always good with a change of scenery, and like most others we have done the local kind of escaping because of Covid 19 this summer. We don't have much time to go on vacation because of working on our house, but we managed a little trip. There are great shots where every you turn in northern Norway, and when you are driving and can stop, its just fantastic.

Last weeks shooting goes without saying was a blast:) Denny uses mostly her iPhone and the Polaroid. The polaroid stayed home for this one(out of film:)), but we now loaded the Pentax ME, which is her preference of analog, with a roll of Lomochrome Purple. Going to be exciting to see how that turns out:) We have dialled that in on ASA 200 as we saw from our last film that it could need a bit more light. I brought my Olympus and used my iPhone quite a bit also. So we have shared the analog camera on this trip:) Here the Pentax ME is getting ready for the Lomochrome purple on a bench out in the foresty roadside:


To conclude with last weeks shooting, I have done some post processing of the pile of new shots in Lightroom and also done a lot of editing on the iPhone. I know there are gazillions of apps out there for it, and I have just tried out the tip of the iceberg, but when I find I can get what I want with the regular editing option, why should I look further? I will make a post soon on mobile editing, so you can see how we do our shots and what apps we use.


On our small trip, I brought with me the typewriter Daniela and I got at a second hand store a few years back. This was because I have had some ideas of shots with this beautiful mechanical wonder lying about in the tinkerbox for quite some time. So when our trip was coming to an end and I got one of those ideas done with the Olympus, I started to put together more. What better way to get those typewriter-picture ideas down than writing it on the typewriter? So 4 more ideas are on paper and shot right they will hopefully tell a story and maybe even get you thinking:)

This is one of the things of photography that I find getting me just more and more excited. Getting contradictions or opposites in the same picture. So we are dabbling with ideas of shots that contrast nature and human interference. Like landfills and factories in the same shot as this incredible nature up here. Its mostly about money for the government, and nature is getting the back seat most of the time. Its something we would like to portray. We will see how that turns out. We have found a few locations we want to shoot, so hopefully we get the right conditions when we are there:)

So we are now stuck with lots of good shots from our little detour, and we will get to work on them this week I guess, since its all going to be rain:)

As for the time being the Flexaret is taking a rest until I get to talk with the lab about the developing that I wasn't too happy with. Really thinking about developing the negatives myself using canisters and caffenol. Black and white negatives that is, since colour is such a more matriculate prosess. Will get back to you on this:)

The other guys, the Pentax ME Super and Super A are resting also. Not sure what too load in them for the moment, and I am trying to stick to the joint venture of Lomochrome on the ME. We will see:)

Thank you for reading, and now at half past twelve, I am guessing this might be read tomorrow:) Goodnight and take care, Sjur



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