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NEWSLETTER 10.08.2020

Good late night everyone, and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

Time flies. It really does. I usually get to put in the writing of the newsletter between 9 to 12 PM. That way, you get a little reward from staying up late on the usually, hardest day of the week:) But today it will turn into a Tuesday morning readThese last few weeks have been pretty crazy in our life, and we have closed down some dreams to start new ones. We believe in our dreams, but sometimes it is hard to stay focused when things go slow. Sometimes you need someone to belive in you. And sometimes you need a little more strength to let go of certain things in your life. One needs to filter out now and then what is important. Its like throwing away those clothes you never use but think you some day will. Not all aspects of life want to be controlled. Some things are also better left alone and not pushed in a square.


We are doing a mix of moving, changing jobs, downsizing the amount of stuff we own and starting somewhere new. Its an all at once experience, so we are filtering through things constantly. There will most likely be more about this down the road, but for now I just want to say that this newsletter is one of the most important things for us, and we strive to keep it helpful, interesting and relevant in our photo journey even though things are pretty chaotic at the moment. We don't claim to be the best in anything, just where we are at in our education of using a third eye to cut out moments in time. Think that's enough forewords, lets dive in:)

Remember I finally got that first roll of 120mm film developed and I wasn't quite happy with the result? Well, I finally got around to it today to go to the lab and ask about the results. They sent the roll to get the negatives developed in another of their labs, and did the scanning of the negatives in the shop. Just to refresh; there were lots of small hairs, dust and spots in all of the pictures. So I wanted to find out if this was my camera, the lenses, the developing process or the scanning process that created all of this "noise". I brought my pen of the scans and got opinions of both the people at work. They both concluded with that it is very difficult to say where the "fault" lies. Even so, they both tended to suggest that the purple-ish bleeding on the pictures and stripes looked like a sloppy/too fast developing process from the main lab.


The dust and spots one could speculate if was either from impurities in the chemicals in the development or dust in the scanning process. Some of this may also be from lots of dust trapped in my camera floating around. The last possibility was the possibility of the lens being worn and dirty or with fungus. They both didn't rule it out, but said it didn't look like my lens was a problem. Very happy with that at least:) This was all in all very very helpful to me. The last guy I talked with turned out to be a total photo geek (which I don't write in any negative way:)) and we went on into oblivion for a moment talking about resolution and picture print dimensions. He ended with addressing the fact that the only real hand craft comes from a physical picture and not a digital. Very enthralling conversation. This guy had taken education as a photographer and now had several insanely big prints hanging in an exhibition through a collaboration with the University if I understood him correctly.

I will go see these shots. I feel I need to see these shots. See how a 2 meter wide photo looks up close. I have seen big photographs before, but it is a completely different thing when you have talked with the photographer and know what he used to shoot the images. He apparently shot this with a Hasselblad 500 type model and said further that the "resolution" this camera shoots in is next to none. I write resolution in quotation marks since it is something I don't know yet how they calculate or call out equivalent on. I found so many opinions that I know I need more knowledge before I know the facts. I have just started to swim in that pond, but as I can decipher, it all comes down to how the negatives are developed and how and with what scanner or scanning process. I will of course be joining all my fellow nerds down the road on this, and yes we will in some not so distant future be developing the negatives our self as we are moment-capturers who want as much control and knowledge of the process as possible. Here is one of the scans where I have removed the dust and spots:


The guy in the shop concluded further as I removed my pen from their viewing computer; Here is what you should do; Bring the negatives to another lab and get them scanned there, then you will see if it is because of the scanner we have used or if it has occurred in the development process. And so i did. I went straight over to the other lab in the mall and delivered in the three photos I want printed from the roll. In short, I told the story to the woman at the shop, (with whom I have delt with before and have gotten always nothing short of excellent service from) and she said she would scan these herself to make sure they become as dust free as possible:) So next week we will see the result. Looking forward to it!

So, as of work done the past week; Still a pile of photos on the hard drive that are sorted but untouched, but 3 or 4 pictures have been finished in post processing. Today I got to fire about 3-4 shots on the Pentax ME with the Lomochrome, so that means Denny and me are soon midway in the film. Going to be very cool to develop that one!

I haven't loaded any other camera, but I am thinking about loading another roll for the Flexaret:) Also there is a film roll done in the fridge, a Fomapan 400:)


Next thing in line is to sort out our picks from all our negatives,

and get them scanned so they can find their way in the shop:) Now that will be a fun job!

At last in this letter I want to elaborate a little on a, for now, small project I have started and and a short story about what I am writing to the pictures.

There have been done tons of photography of the devastation and destruction of man, but as I mentioned in #14, I want to make a twist with elements or crashing contrasts of man and nature in the same picture. A lot of you know that we are like a lot of people in our generation, very interactive and concerned about our planet and environment. We pay more attention to what we eat and what we support and what the company behind the products we buy is saying. Its about awareness. With this project I want to raise further consciousness, ,broaden your view, raise questions, educate, open, baffle or sooth the mind with words and photography. In short, I really feel drawn to doing a project where the invasion of man, and nature collides or entwines in a picture. I am finished with the first one that will be posted on instagram this week, and I am excited to hear what you think. The plan is for this to end in a book when I feel the collection contains the right amount of pictures and feels ripe:)


In this project as my other pictures I have started to ad thoughts. They are sometimes, or maybe most of the time, written as poems. I have done this now and then, or maybe written how I took the picture that is mentioned. But it wasn't until my uncle showed me some pictures he had gotten a long time ago, that it struck me how powerful this really is.

40 years ago my Uncle worked in a company that made photography film and lab equipment. He had a darkroom in the laundry room at home. A 10 year old boy that lived in the neighbourhood was very interested in photography and my Uncle let him develop his pictures in his darkroom. At some point the boy moved, but after some years my Uncle got 3 framed pictures from him. They had small phrases and thoughts written next to them. I think the pictures were great, but the enhancement of them from the words was so very clever and delicately done. They made the analog work shine and gave you tale as of how big the iceberg was under the surface. Such a fantastic gift from a talented boy. I would really have loved to share those photos here, but I have no rights to publish those photos, and my Uncle said he had lost touch and can not find him online anywhere.

I used to use a lot of time writing text to my photographs, and I want to thank my Uncle so much for sharing these pictures with me(and hope he is ok with me sharing this:)) I also want to thank Jon Bjørnsen(the at the time little boy in the neighbourhood) for inspiring me to dare and write more freely:)

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, they say.

But with just a few words a picture can be in your mind everyday.

Thank you so much for reading and have a good morning or night:)

Take care and stay safe, Sjur




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Stay safe, bsp

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