#17 | 17.08.2020

NEWSLETTER 17.08.2020

Good evening to everyone and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

As I mentioned in last weeks letter, I delivered the first 120mm film from the Flexaret for a second scan at a different lab. This was to rule out if there was anything wrong with the scanner/scanning at the lab I used. It was also to see if the issue with all the dust and speckles was due to a not so clean environment during developing. I only delivered in 3 negatives. Even so, I would say that the results are pretty obvious. For you to see this, I will do this picture by picture. First scan is first, and second shot is the last scan.

Both negatives are scanned at a resolution of 1200 dpi:



I guess its safe to say that the second scan has a lot less spots and dust. What you will notice here is that the second scan is cropped. I don't think this should have been done, as that should be up to me. I might be picky here, but this I believe should be my decision. Could be I wanted the negative framing you know:) You will also see that all the purple is gone so I guess this rules out the Flexaret having a light leak or that there had leaked light on the film during inserting or extraction from the camera. It is almost as it has been a swooped into photoshop for a bit before coming to me. This I need to ask her about at the lab, because I know she did it on the picture further down removing a big spot in our daughters face. I will come back to this next time, so we then can determine if there really is a difference in the scans. I want the negatives untouched, so if they all are photoshopped, then I will ask for untouched scans. Here below are the 2 other scans:





Another thing that baffles me a bit is that the images from the second scan are half the size of the images from the first scan.

The colourspace is also changed to Epson Gray as opposed to sRGB.

Maybe that is why I get the purple haze or leak?

A natural occurance of the developing process?

I´ll leave this for now, but I´ll get to the bottom of this in the next newsletter:)

As for last weeks shooting and work:

Been chugging away slowly at the Lomochrome film in the ME, but its getting there:)

A lot more digital pictures have been post produced, and will soon be coming your way on instagram and on the website. More ideas have been written down on our beloved Kolibri typewriter for the picture project, and names and more poems for them have occurred:)

KOLIBRI WITH IDEAS ON PAPER (can't give it all away just yet:))

As for updates, I just want to let you in on @theblackofacrow, which is another blacksnailprints page that is more experimental and dark. Its all black, white and grey on this account. Here most shots are done with an iPhone, but some are pictures that are reedited in black and white. I post here pretty randomly with oddities and other experiments that have a good feel and deserve the space. There might be a page on the website in the future, where these pictures can be ordered in small sets or boxes. We will see:)

Please follow!


It is kind of shorter than normal this weeks letter, as far as writing goes.

But on the upside it gives me the opportunity to deliver it a bit earlier:)

Next week I will get a bit more into the thoughts and poems I write to the pictures,

and also how and why I name them as I do.

Again, as always, we urge you to take care of each other in these Covid-19 times.

The virus is on the rise again here in Norway, but I know we are not even close to what other countries are facing. We all have a long way to go still. Please take your precautions.

If not for yourself, then at least for your fellow man or woman.

Stay safe and best of wishes, Sjur




Where, when & how

We use instagram and our facebook page where there will be 1-3 picture-posts every week. You can reach our accounts through the social links in this newsletter.

Every Monday we will release the previous weeks artwork in the shop of our website.

The previous weeks artwork will be the pictures used in the newsletter.

You will always see the newest artwork added on the top of our website galleries.

On Mondays the newsletter will arrive in the blog section, and if you sign up you will be notified and get a direct link:)

We hope you will enjoy it, and please let us know if there is anything you are wondering or want to share by writing us: back@blacksnailprints.com

If there is anything you would want us to write about, wonder, or if you have criticism or good vibes to share, please don't be shy:)

Stay safe, bsp

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