#18 | 24.08.2020

NEWSLETTER 24.08.2020

Good evening to everyone, and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

The past week has gotten a couple of shots through Lightroom, and also we did a quick setup in the mountains on our way to town for the environmental project. Really not sure how they will turn out, as the sky was yay too bright, and it was difficult to see the screen while shooting. I wasn't that pleased with the background, but my eye told me to shoot anyway. I Always listen to that and it has surprised me countless times. Anyway those shots are still on the card in the camera, and will be delt with this week. If they are not up to the vision, the idea will be shot again at probably the same location later this week.


The Lomochrome in the ME is still halfway, but the Fomapan 400 shot through the ME Super will be handed in to the lab tomorrow:) The first analog shots that will hit the store will be picked out tonight and handed in for scanning tomorrow together with the Fomapan.

So lots of exciting stuff on the developing side of analog:)

As for the answer to the scanning issues I wrote about last week, I will get that tomorrow when I get to the lab. So unfortunately that has to wait for the next weeks newsletter. We see the results, but we also need to know what has been done to the scans in order to have an opinion right?:)

This week I said I was going to go a little more into how I name the pictures. I guess for some it is pretty self explanatory but we all name things with different approaches. Sometimes it hits you immediately, and sometimes it takes a while to find its voice. Usually it occurs when I am getting the picture to the feel and ambiance that I want. Then it just channels kind of easier. For every name I give to a picture it actually is completely random as it depends on several things. My mood, what music I have been listening to, what movies or tv I have recently seen, recent experiences, what's in the news and sosial media, etc etc. The names come from either songs, song titles, made up words or two words that resonate well with what I want to say. The name has to fit with what I am seeing in the picture or harbour the essence of what I am portraying.


The name for the photo is for me very important, but I don't spend hours trying to find it.

It usually presents itself pretty easy and I don't have problems finding them.

As for the words accompanying the picture, that is a different story.

But still, I don't feel I use too much time on that either.

Guess it is like with everything, if it is something you enjoy it comes easier.

Writing is therapeutic and guiding in a very nice way. It makes you clearly depict what you mean and think. For me that can not that easily speak what I feel, writing is the remedy:)

When writing the thoughts or poem to a photo I look at it constantly. Looking around in the picture and finding new things. The details I guess guide to the next sentence. Sometimes I want to disguise the meaning or message and sometimes I want them clear as day. Now and then I hide that one piece of the puzzle that makes it all clear. In "Ego" for instance, the words make sense when you know the letter J is Jair. This is the way I can, and want to, use my words to question authority and the state of things and our surroundings.


For those wondering if we are activists or environmentalists, I would say both:)

We believe in standing up for things we think are wrong, and we do so when ever we can.

Peacefully I may ad.

We don't believe in forcing are views on others, but there is nothing wrong with raising awareness of issues you believe in and are important to you.

This is exactly why I write these thoughts to my pictures.

They speak of things that are important to us. We are still lands of free speech and we will keep asking questions and maybe paint some provocations:)


Short is sometimes sweet, and I hope it is today.

I still have some pictures to sort through for the analog picks,

so I bid you all a good night:)

thank you again for following and reading!

Stay safe, Sjur


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Stay safe, bsp

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