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NEWSLETTER 31.08.2020

Good evening or morning to you all, and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

Last weeks shooting has been mostly on mobile. It is so much fun to shoot black and white on a mobile, and editing goes pretty fast and instant. I am getting pretty fond of my "the.black.of.a.crow" project, and I have started to post on it a bit more regularly. I wanted to make it pretty neat in the way of the same kind of filter, effects or theme(as every instagram expert recommends and everyone apparently likes), but I find myself between 3 types of shots. Oh well, so much for the perfect account:) I have only given the pictures numbers, but I am starting to feel the urge to word them, though with just one word or sentence.

We will see:)


I have tried out another bunch of apps for editing this week, but I keep getting back to Lightroom and Ps Express. It gets pretty boring to just use the same app all the time for sure, but when it gives you the result you want, then what is there to complain about?:) Since I am testing out new apps now and then I am sure to find one down the road that will be good and that I can recommend. I would want to get some more experience in the use and what it actually does to the pictures before I do though:)

As for shooting, the digital camera has been left in the bag, but I have done a few shots on the Pentax ME with the Lomochrome purple film. Since the Lomochrome is a 100-400 ASA film (oddly enough), I am now shooting the rest of my shots on 100 ASA (ISO). This means it gets more light than the previous shots that are done on 200 ASA. Going to be very interesting to see this film developed.

Being a long twister this one, but good things come to those who wait.


I finally got to talk with the woman at the lab who did the last 120mm negative scans. So to round that up, she said she did retouch the scans a bit in Photoshop. That was what I was hoping she had not done, because then I would have had a perfect comparison to the first scans from the other lab. I did get to show the scans to her that were done previously at the other lab though. She said that these had to have been scanned with colour because of the purple bleed. And there was a lot of dust she said. To there defence it is near impossible to get scans without dust in a shopping mall, because of the air here. So our scans will also have dust, but there has obviously no attempt in taking dust away before scanning.

Anyway, to sum up, the last lab did an evident and very much better job of getting as clean scans as possible, and they were a lot better than the first lab. The two things I didn't like, that I also told her, was that I can't decide to keep the negative framing around with it already cropped out, and that they were digitally processed before i got them. She said it is possible to keep the frames, but it is a lot more work during scanning. I think if I also can persuade her to let them pass untouched through photoshop then it is all good:) Well, I guess this is the reason why many develop and scan their own pictures:) I will get more scans done at the last lab, but I will ask them to not do any post processing. We will see the results next time I have a 120mm film for developing. I will be a bit more specific next time I deliver for developing. So I guess there is no other way to go than to load up the Flexaret some more:)


Last week I also picked out some 35mm film negatives to get scanned. I got them back a couple of days ago and they looked fine, but they where scanned as 10x15cm shots. I am guessing that means not in high resolution, so I will have to ask them to do it again if that is the case. I did only say scan them though, so maybe that is the common scanning resolution. Again, me not being specific enough, so note to self on that one (again) :)

When the high resolution scans are ready they will go on instagram and then in the shop in the usual fashion:)


Excited about the first analog shots getting ready, and hopefully there will be more analog shooting and results this week:)

I bid you all a good night and stay safe, Sjur



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