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NEWSLETTER 08.09.2020

Hello to you all and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

Hasn't been much time for shooting this week, as I have been a sick several days. Some analog shots have been taken on the lomochrome film and other than that it has been mobile shots and edits going out on @the.black.of.a.crow. Positive side about lying in bed is always that one can get some editing done, right?:) All well again now, so I will have more to share on shooting next week. Still waiting for the Fomapan 400 I delivered in, and there are still shots in the backdrop for high resolution scanning.Thinking about loading the Flexaret or the Pentax with black and white.....


When one does have time to edit and post process it is always a good thing, I find at least, to revisit some old pictures. You can throw them out or have i refreshed in your mind again why you are hanging on to the photo. If you for the third time over several months are saving it for some project again, chances are you will never use it and it is just taking up valuable hard drive space. So when you have the time, go and get rid of stuff you don't need. Take a good hard and honest look at it. Is this really a good picture?

We all save too much on our hard drive just in case. I think I can remember only a couple of times that I have erased some pictures that I wish I didn't have. Remember there are always more shots to be taken, and you will probably live fine without that shot you deleted. You are anyways maybe just thinking that the photo you threw out from your hard disk was way better than it actually was. At least it is nice to think that way, so you don't torture yourself:) So anyway, I know its hard, but listen to the initial thought when you ask yourself if it is a good picture or not. This will save you tons of space. I can see on my drive that I still have to ask myself that some thousands of times still...:)

So remember; ask yourself the brutal question if it is good or not and go with your immediate respons. Follow your gut feeling as you do when you compose or post process.


I will elaborate just a little of my storage, backup and hard drive setup. Mine is really simple, but it still holds water so to speak, since I keep gutting out old and useless stuff from my hard drive every now and then.

I use a MacBook pro with 500 GB storage. Not a lot when you have tons of pictures, I know, but I am not a gamer and I don't shoot tons of videos. I have only 2 external drives, each on 1 TB. I will get a new one as soon as I can to specifically move all the family stuff on it which is of course important.

I also use 3 cloud services. Make that 4.

I use a 2 TB iCloud subscription and there is also an extra TB worth through the adobe photo plan to save all photoshop projects and post processed edits. The third backup option I have is through my phone subscription that backs up everything for free. The forth one is an app called Fotoknudsen. If you buy a product at there store you get access to unlimited backup for everything on your phone. Pretty neet:) This one I have been using for at least 4 years now. So there it is, simple, but works for me.

I use Time Machine on my MacBook, which works fantastic. I am not crazy about backing up and I maybe should be a bit more worried, but I back up once every 2 weeks. Because of all the cloud services I am not that jumpy about it. I have lost all my contents on my MacBook once, and it was as easy as downloading it all from the cloud. Yes, I would be without some pictures on the hard drive backup, but then again, I am not shooting weddings. Then it would be a lot different and you will benefit from stacks of external drives which build on each other.

Hope no one else has been sick this week, and hope the autumn is finding you safe and healthy. Until next week, I bid you goodnight, Sjur


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Stay safe, bsp

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