# 21 | 15.09.2020

NEWSLETTER 15.09.2020

Hello to everyone, and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

Yet again, life comes in the way, and Monday turned to Tuesday, but without further fuss about that lets get into the matter:)

This week has been very positive when it comes to post processing, and I have gotten about a dozen new shots done both for the BSP website and for the.black.of.a.crow project. I usually edit for the.black.of.a.crow on my mobile since it mostly is mobile shots, but this week I did it on my mac. I also have gotten more shots picked out for analog prints, and this week will hold a nice addition there. When they go in the shop section they will be marked as analog and they will be totally unedited negative scans.

On the picture taking side of things I got a very nice low light long exposure taken. This one will be posted this week, and it is done with a bracketing/stacking plug-in in Lightroom called Enfuse. I took five shots and have blended them in to one. There are many ways to do this, and I have used 2 long exposures, and 3 shots with different light exposure for getting out more details in the light and shadows. I will get more into bracketing in the next post about post processing, and different ways to do that.

Still waiting for the Fomapan 400 to get back from the lab, and the forever Lomochrome purple in the Pentax ME is coming to its last shots:)

As mentioned in the last blogpost, I might be loading up another film camera. The Flexaret has only had one roll of film wound through it, so it was about time to have it shine again. While it has been resting I have every week dry shot it about 100 times so that both the timer and shutter mechanism doesn't get stuck for not being in use. This I do to all the analog cameras that don't have any film at the same time.


When I first loaded the Flexaret with film I tried to find a youtube video with someone loading the exact camera that I have. Usually the internet has everything, and I am guessing that there probably is a video I didn't find on some camera forum somewhere:)

I did find several others on Rolleiflex and Mamiya and used them as a reference when loading up the first film. Since I couldn't find a how to video on loading the Flexaret, I thought it might be a good idea to make one myself. This was before I remembered that I am definitely not an expert on video making. So what I thought was going to take me about an hour turned in to 4 hours. I have good video possibilities on my Olympus, the thing is that you need to have all the adjustments right which takes some time to say the least. Right volume, right focusing, right aspect ratio and so on. I am a guy that has always shot video in auto mode and never played with any adjustments. Let alone video editing software. I first tried in iMovie, and ended up in Premiere Rush from Adobe. Anyway, I managed to pull through it, so bear with me in this first attempt:)

I just wanted to show how you load film in the Flexaret ii since I can't find it anywhere. So here it is in all its glory, how to load up your Flexaret ii...

Hope everyone is well and staying safe, Sjur


(music in the background is the album Help us Stranger by The Raconteurs)


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Stay safe, bsp

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