#24 | 05.10.2020

NEWSLETTER 05.10.2020

Hello and welcome to everyone and to this weeks newsletter!

Analog shooting has been good this week:) Got to shoot some long exposures with the Flexaret. Mostly landscape shots ofcourse, but even a midnight shot of the moon! Going to be very exiting to see how that turns out.


Already shot 5 of the 12 images possible on the roll, so this one is going fast. Our eternal roll, the lomochrome in the Pentax ME, has also gotten some shots closer to the red line:) So all in all a very fun and exiting analog week:)

Still no word on the Fomapan film sent to the lab, so I guess I need to call them since its been so long (3 weeks).


As I said in the previous letter I would go through an App for mobile this week. The one I have chosen here is one of my favourites and is called Darkr. Though it came out almost 5 years ago I found it really cool in the analog way it develops the images. I also go through this app since it is possible to get it for free, and was cheap to buy as a pro version with everything unlocked. I payed 22 NOK which is just over 2 Euros. This video is intended as an instructional help and guide to use the app. Not a review. This is because I am fairly new to mobile Apps and mobile editing using anything other than Lightroom. So until I get experienced I´ll leave the reviews to the pro users:)


(Open it in full-screen mode!)

Thank you to everyone for reading and here I leave you with the Darkr App video above.

Click the picture to get to the video:)

As always, stay safe, and have tolerance and patience for others in these difficult times, Sjur


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Stay safe, bsp

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