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NEWSLETTER 12.10.2020

Greetings to all of you and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

The last week has been yet another golden week in terms of analog shooting.

Not that I know that I have many good shots, since I can't see them yet ha ha, but I am talking about the experience. The north up here never disappoints this time of year.

You never know when the insane and crazy landscapes are going to collide in to sun, rain and cloud lollipops, but you know they will.

And the not knowing when is also the excitement.

And if you have a camera on you in those moments, well, ecstatic is maybe the term:)

I have still yet to be let down when I have gone out the door up here in the autumn.


Since the end of February I have been struggling with a broken kneecap, and as of now I am in a good flow with training and recovery.

I am out every morning with my bike to get the morning dose of nature, which is very addictive when you first have started. I bet I am not the only one:) I just can't imagine why I didn't think of this sooner. After that early morning trip, you have already had an outdoor experience, and you are just all go with any indoor work task. Just sharing this since not only does it feel great, but it also reveals tons of picture opportunities. I have settled on bringing my phone as the camera of the morning bike rides. This because a pentax can't handle the sudden rain and also that I don't want to brake anything while biking. I am also finding that the phone actually has a very good camera. There is oddly enough always something new on that 10 km trip. Like life. No day is the same.

The weather is definitely never the same, and there are always different animals, lights, fog and shadows to freeze in black and white for the.black.of.a.crow account.


As a result, I am getting a lot better in mobile editing, and starting to get a certain workflow going. These workflows will constantly change with the never ending string of new apps always coming out, sure. Still, some apps I think will be your base. So for the next month it might stay the same:) Its not like on desktop where I use Lightroom and Photoshop period. The nice thing now is that I am very much getting the benefits of using Lightroom CC.

Hmm, how do we brake this down easily, well;

Adobe has two versions of Lightroom; Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.

Lightroom Classic is in short their original version, though updated and improved constantly, with a lot more choices than Lightroom CC.

Lightroom Classic has a lot more picks with for instance metadata and has the possibility of plugins and more levels of depth with development of your shots to mention some. Lightroom CC on the other hand is a more simple version, but is also cloud based.

CC has a very well laid out and intuitive interface,

where Classic can be a lot more confusing.

Especially in the importing and making albums and collections section.



The point with me rambling on about this is that I didn't think I would be using the cloud based version; Lightroom CC. I use a laptop and not a desktop. Still, it is very rare that I bring my laptop with me in my car when I go to town or go out shooting. Editing on the laptop is just not something I do on the go. Think this goes for a lot of people. Editing sucks the battery dry pretty fast, and on the other hand the apps are just getting better and better.

Editing for me at least is something I do at home when on the laptop, and not on the go.

This leaves us with my rambling point;

With using Lightroom CC, every picture I have started editing I can just continue on the phone. I didn't actually belive at first that that would be usable, but LR on mobile is actually pretty fantastic. You can get your basic idea done fast, and I rarely need to do more after mobile editing. And for that detailing you can pick them right up where you left them on your phone from your laptop/desktop and throw them in to Photoshop for the picky stuff. I use pretty much only Lightroom Classic when I am blending several shots with L/R Enfuse.

(I go through the basics of this plugin in newsletter #23).


I will do a video on LR mobile in the next week or two for anyone wondering which one to start using. It all depends on how you are going to be working. We will get to that:)

Adobe has videos on it of course and also a lot of professional users, but I will show you my workflow with some tips and tricks when we get to it:)

As I started this post saying, it has been a great week of shooting analog. I am still using one of the Pentax cameras for metering, and fingers crossed, it will work good with this roll of 120 film also. There has been one thorn in my side though, and that is that I have managed to loose my baseplate for the tripod. So while I wait for the replacement plate to arrive in the mail, I have had to be on the inventive side to get the camera to stay still where I want to. There is always something lying around to help, but a tripod makes life a lot easier. Still, just another exciting challenge to get the shot:)


The last week I have been shooting on the Ilford PANF Plus 50 film, and mostly with filters. This ads a little more complexity to the metering, but it is a lot of fun. I am shooting mainly long exposures to see how they turn out on this beautiful Flexaret II which I have grown very fond of:) Here is a small walk through of how I shoot a long exposure:

1. I choose what aperture I want to shoot in. The ISO is already given in the film and the shutter speed will be determined by the metering.

2. If it is a landscape and I want a wide depth of field I will dial in lets say 14 as the aperture on the Flexaret. I at the same time put it to bulb or Time mode and put on the shutter release cable. I have made it a rule to always wind the film to the next frame after a shot,

so it is always ready to shoot.

3. Then I will dial in the ISO from the film (50) and the aperture I have chosen on the Flexaret (14) on the aperture ring on the lens of the Pentax.

4. Next I try and meter the exact same composition that I have in the viewfinder of the Flexaret from the Pentax.If I then get 1/2 a second that is what I should use on the Flexaret.

But I am going to do a long exposure, and 1/2 a second isn't enough.

5. To lengthen the shutter speed I apply a filter.

If I put on a red filter it gives me 3 extra stops.

That means, following the shutter speed scale;

1/2 a second, to 1 second, to 2 seconds, to ultimately 4 seconds.

6. I could then also drop the aperture the last stop to get the next shutter speed which is 8 seconds.

7. After that I focus again correctly and cock the shutter.

I take my time with this if possible.

8. I then take the shot and count the seconds with my watch.

Mission complete and wind up for the next shot:)

You can use a light meter, app or other camera to meter the light. There are loads of discussions on what is best. Obviously a dedicated good quality light meter will give you very accurate results. I like the way I can use the Pentax cameras to meter, and if that continues to work I will stick with it.

It will most likely give the Flexaret shots a Pentax feel:)


As always, if there is anything I have written that is wrong or not accurate, or you have better solutions for, I am all ears. Feel free to comment and send me any questions you might have on things I forget to explain or elaborate on.

I will leave you with this and the past weeks art, and bid you all a good night.

All the best to all of you.

Take care and stay safe, Sjur



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