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NEWSLETTER 22.06.2020

Good evening to you all

and welcome to this weeks newsletter:)

I just couldn't resist it. I was always on the verge to go into the office and pick up a Pentax, when I had to remind myself for the thousandth time; you don't have any camera loaded with film, and you are going to wait until you have all the films back from the lab before you load another.

So off I went with my Olympus. It just didn't do the trick. It felt like being addicted to cigarettes all over again. This craving that nothing will distract you from. The conversations you try to start that you never remember. That sudden sting when you are out, and the shop is closed. It all came back. It formed itself to a nice cocoon, and topped itself when Denny finally got her Polaroid film in the mail.

We were going through things in the cellar as we are in the middle of moving, and she found a camera in a box. This was a Polaroid camera that I bought maybe 20 years ago:

She got intrigued by its simplicity, and read up about it. To our surprise, they still make these instant films today. Polaroid went bankrupt in 2001 and formed the "new" Polaroid. They were again declared bankrupt in 2008. A company called the Impossible project ,who had been making instant films for Polaroid cameras since 2008, bought Polaroid and its property in 2017. The Impossible project was renamed Polaroid Originals later that year, and in 2020 they simply are called Polaroid. Back to square one:) Well, not entirely. When the original Polaroid company was making the films, there was 10 sheets of film. Today there are only 8 for some reason. We haven't found out about that yet. Anyway, she bought a colour cartridge(which is what the film for this camera is called)online, and it popped in the mailbox last week.

Before she loaded the film cartridge, we were trying to figure out why the camera has no batteries. We just couldn't figure that out at first, but the batteries are in the cartridge of film. Clever. Very clever:) So with this first cartridge Denny pretty much wanted to see if it was usable. If it actually worked after all this time in the box in the cellar. To our surprise it did:)

After some trial and error, we find it needs a lot of light. You can easily shoot this one in full sunshine. And waiting for the development is such a thrill! Takes up to 15 minutes and the pictures turn out so great. Everything looks like it was shot in the 70´s or 80´s basically:) Here is a snap of one of the shots:

Think Denny has found her camera, and I wouldn't be surprised if she has started ordering accessories to it already:) There will definitely be shot more film with this bulky plastic camera. Just imagine the coolness of that hanging around your neck in a strap....maybe not for long.

So as I mentioned before, the Polaroid kind of pushed me over with its decades ago stylus and I slipped up. Yes, I loaded a new film. The Fomapans where staring at me every time I opened the fridge. I went to the camera I got first. The one that was my first ever analog those 20 years ago; the Pentax ME Super. I had recently got a Fomapan 100, 200 and 400. I still have 4 rolls of Lomochrome Purple, but I am going to wait until the first one gets back from the lab. Here I go again. Thinking I can resist the urge:) I´ll say like this instead; the plan is to wait for the first one:) When I couldn't take it anymore I loaded the ME Super with the Fomapan 400. It got the 50mm 1:1.7 pentax lens attached. I am still really happy with this setup, and it seems I have made the right choice on that. Already I am 22 shots in the film, and it might be delivered together with the first Lomochrome purple that was shot with the Pentax Super A. I just got a message today saying that there are 3(yes 3! Woohoo!)more films ready from the lab which I will pick up tomorrow. Going to be an overflow of pictures in the next newsletter I think:)

Time really goes fast when you start writing on a Monday evening. Its already half past eleven, and I will bid you all a good night here. For those of you who read this in the morning I bid you welcome to a new day, and thank you so much for reading:)

Until next week, keep safe, Sjur



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