#11 | 29.06.2020

NEWSLETTER 29.06.2020

Good evening to you all, and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

Hope you all are having a great day on the start of the summer:)

First off, an update of a change on our website:

As some of you have noticed, we have removed the puzzles from our site. This is for several reasons. The obvious first one is that they take a very long time to ship. The second that we have to deal with several suppliers. We also could not control the quality before shipping as this would take a very long time. We had in addition made another page with all kinds of products with our pictures on it. When we added these things together we found out that we were just complicating things. We are not a print shop or an outlet. We were starting to make things confusing, and luckily I will say we didn't go live with the product page.

We take pictures. Thats it. Moments cut from time.

In our way of composing and lighting.

We all learn as we go along...:)

The last two weeks I have been doing more digital shots. Trying to shoot more action shots. Street shots of either people running or walking fast and biking. Nearly impossible with an analog camera, so it does shine here. Its pretty amazing how much control we have on a digital camera and what you can adjust. My Olympus is not supposed to be the best on continuous focus, and I can see that there easy are better options when you are fully auto on that. But if you go at it a little you learn how to easily get it done. I still like shooting on single auto focus since it is really fast and you know what you get.

I have as always also done some long exposures with filters. This is really fun on digital cameras, as you can see the image develop on the screen. I usually do shots anywhere between 3 - 10 minutes. This is to get that nice dreamy effect on water. It also works very well with clouds. I will take a blog post later on where I go through the equipment I use and the settings I dial in, so you can get a grip on what to look out for when doing this. As I mentioned in the last post, I am really backed up in post processing as I have 3-4 cards full of pictures that I still haven't gone through. Thats just luxury though:)

To sum up this weeks shooting, yes there of course has been an analog camera in use:) I have almost completed the Fomapan 400 that I loaded in the week before. Been shooting maybe a shot or two every second day I reckon. Think I might do it that way. Focus on one film and one analog camera at the time. You always know what you are shooting with, and become thus more selective.


So as I mentioned in the last newsletter, I have gotten back 3 films. I have found out that I want to keep track of what kind of film has been used, and in which camera. This they don't register when they send a film in for developing. Not where I develop anyway. It just says film on the pick up ticket with the order number. So in order for me to know what kind of film and which camera it has been used in, I found it works to write that down on the pick up ticket. That way I can make a film history file with the pickup tickets when I get to it. I still have not done that with the 3 films I have developed, but it will be:) I have two films left to pick up at the moment. The Lomochrome purple and the very exciting one from the Flexaret; the Ilford XP2 Super 400.

So from the last 2 films that I picked up, here is a selection of some of the shots I like:

They say that if you get 2 to 3 good shots per film, you have done great. So if that is the case it seems I have a chance:) If a picture is good or bad all depends on the viewer of course, but when I look, I am happy with it.

The two colour shots I have included from the Portra film turned out exactly like I was aming for. The table shot is dead on with a nice blurry background, and the mountain shot has the trees in the foreground slightly out of focus with a nice soft sun. One thing you will notice on the black and white shots is that I have over exposed a bit to get some detail in the foreground. So that the clouds and mountains in the background are a bit blown out. This can of course be corrected in post processing, but here is a thing we have decided not to do with our analog shots that we will stay true to:

We are NOT going to post process, not even a tiny bit ANY of the analog pictures we put out for sale on our website. We want them to be completely straight out of camera, and totally skill or by chance shots. We will get them scanned in high resolution in a lab so you can get good quality on the prints. This is because we do not know how to develop pictures our self. Yet. Yes we see that happening down the road:) Other than that, we are not messing with the moment.

Just for the record; the 10x15 shots that I have taken snaps of here with my iPhone are economy prints. They are basically just to view composition and focus, and pick out the ones that are good.

So judging by the films I have gotten back so far, it seems all the cameras are working nicely and giving good images. I really like the blur and sharpness the 50mm Pentax 1:1.7 lenses give and I am very happy with my choice of those. I will be staying with 50mm lenses on all of the analog cameras. All the other lenses are going on sale. The format is found and I am staying:)

So now all that is left is to bid you all a good night, as we patiently wait for the two really exciting films turning up hopefully this week:)

As usual, Monday has turned to Tuesday, and I bid you all a good night and good morning.

Please take care and stay safe.

We still have a virus situation and it doesn't take vacation.

All the best to all of you, Sjur


Where, when & how

We use instagram and our facebook page where there will be 1-3 picture-posts every week. You can reach our accounts through the social links in this newsletter.

Every Monday we will release the previous weeks artwork in the shop of our website.

The previous weeks artwork will be the pictures used in the newsletter.

You will always see the newest artwork added on the top of our website galleries.

On Mondays the newsletter will arrive in the blog section, and if you sign up you will be notified and get a direct link:)

We hope you will enjoy it, and please let us know if there is anything you are wondering or want to share by writing us: back@blacksnailprints.com

If there is anything you would want us to write about, wonder, or if you have criticism or good vibes to share, please don't be shy:)

Stay safe, bsp

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