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NEWSLETTER 10.11.2020

Good evening to everyone, and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

I can't remember the last week I shot as few pictures as I have done the past week. I say that from a Dslr/slr/tlr perspective. I have only been snapping away on my phone, and there are several reasons that have held me off those shutter buttons. One of them has been the weather. Still erratic as an intoxicated dragonfly and pouring down anything from cats to hale and upwards rain. There have been a couple of hours one could shoot, but not enough to set up scenery and prop up a project shoot ,which was my intention. I also wanted to get to the black and white roll in the Flexaret for some long exposure shots. That's pretty much no point when the wind is throwing 10 - 20 m/s on average. Well, one can't have the perfect week every week, so that leaves time for dabbling in the set up of the developing and scanning prosess.


As I have mentioned earlier I am a hundred percent set on developing and scanning my own black and white films at home. And after even more reading and you tubing than last time, I have found that it actually could be possible to do color films as well!. I was absolutely sure that you needed to have a darkroom to do the C-41 process. But as it turns out, this can also be accomplished by using the developing tank. The only difference being that you have 3 chemicals instead of 2. There is some debating around the use of a mixed chemical though, but I guess I should try and get through developing some black and white before attempting the color process:) That also gives me some time to research it.

Just to refresh; I am going to develop my film with mostly household products with something that is called Caffenol. This developing agent was invented in America at the Rochester Institute of Technologie (R.I.T.) in Dr. Scott A. Williams technical photography class of 1995. The class was researching non traditional developers with house hold ingredients. While googling around I found that there are a lot of people who are developing film in caffenol. From the first time I read about this, I knew that I wanted to test this out. Not only because of the environment perspective, but also that fact that you make the developing agent yourself and can do it all when you want. Total freedom of developing your own film and saving the environment and wallet in the process! What is not to like? Well, I did some reading on some pages that advised not to use this process as it will stain the film brownish. This kind of made me disappointed, but I was still set on trying.

Then I stumbled over this Caffenol blog and The Caffenol Cookbook & Bible. I am still reading it as I am writing this, but it has made me a lot more optimistic of good results, as this is a thorough dive in to recipes, preparation and developing times. After going through numerous amounts of diy videos on youtube of hip people slapping together a recipe to test it out, I knew that I wanted something more serious and sincere. I wasn't about to dip my third eye frames into something that may or may not work. I just didn't want to risk throwing away the captured time pieces on my rolls, and wanted to find a resource that took the developing process more seriously. This blog and book is without a doubt the best I have come over so far, and to be honest I have stopped looking further. It takes Caffenol dead serious and when you see the results they have had over the last 10 years. I just can't wait until I get my feet wet:)


So on the ingredients side I have changed out the coffee and c-vitamin to what they recommend in the book. Yes, longer to wait, but then I won't risk loosing or destroying my pictures. I also have some minor things to get, before I also can cook like; a measuring canister and two thermometers. So if the ascorbic acid (c-vitamin) arrives this week there will definitely be a review of the first development next week:)

On the scanning process I have also done a lot more research, and I am here waiting for some equipment in the mail as well. The micro lens deal I had fell through, so I had to find another macro photography solution. Other lenses, or a new one of the one I wanted was just too expensive. I found out that you can get just as good results with using a reverse ring adapter. With this adapter you can flip around any old analog lens with the same diameter as the thread side diameter and it will turn into a macro lens! How insanely cool is that! This only works with a maximum of a 50mm in focal length. So the smaller the better, and I just happen to have a Soligor 28mm lens that came with one of the Pentax cameras when I bought them. I payed 12 $ for a 52mm Pixco M43 reverse adapter ring off of AliExpress, and I just can't wait to try that out. (Make sure when you buy one of these that your camera model is listed as a fit in the spesifications!)


As with the developing I figure it will be cool to see the results and gear in one post, and then we can go more dissecting at it in a later post. First we got to see how those negatives will turn out:)

Here in Norway we are all wearing masks now. Keep at it everyone so we get to kill this virus once and for all. Happy shooting and stay safe, Sjur


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