#32 | 01.12.2020

NEWSLETTER 01.12.2020

Welcome everyone to a new Tuesday newsletter:)

This is going to be the last blogpost before the new year, as the time a head is going to be busy with preparing for the holidays and having more family time. There might be an update before New years Eve, but other than that we will be seeing you all in the new year:)

As for all of us, this holiday season is going to require a bit more planning and time to get through everything because of the pandemic.


This year has been completely upside down as it has been for nearly everyone everywhere. It has made us less connected as humans and with less social gatherings than we are used to. Always having to think and prepare with masks, distance and alcohol. I think we are all pretty tired of this virus, but it remains to be seen if we will ever get rid of it. Vaccines are being approved as we speak, but even if we get rid of covid-19, I think the general fear of it will keep in for a while. Or maybe become incorporated in our lives completely. I think it will be more normal to walk around with a mask in our Scandinavian and also European countries for protection even though there are no current outbreaks. We have gotten more awake about contamination and how fast it moves.

I really do hope of course that we get rid of this soon, but I am going to settle in being a bit realistic even though we now have vaccines. One thing is being sick of cleaning everything you have bought in the grocery store every time you have been shopping. I am fine with that. I have had a childhood. I have had a free youth. No I am thinking for instance about my daughter. Every young person having to live, love and laugh in these times. I hope for their sakes that they will get to be free soon and have a life without all these restrictions. That is how I hope 2021 will be. There is only up from here:)


I am going to leave you here in 2020 with this video. It is not a great video, but even so, I wanted to do it just to bring on a further discussion on developing with Caffenol. Also to show the way I do it. I shot this earlier today in my washing room. Keep in mind that this is only my 3rd time developing, and I am very open for suggestions or questions. Check the last blogpost for the recipes and links. It is also posted in the description below the video:


All the best for the holidays and the new year from us at BlackSnailPrints!

may we all be together and happy in 2021! Until then, stay safe, Sjur


Our next steps are the most crucial ones

Still you refuse to take care of our lungs

We are not going to follow your path

No child on earth agrees with your wrath

We are loosing our patience with your snake eyes and tongue

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Stay safe, bsp

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