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Updated: May 31, 2020

NEWSLETTER 04.05.2020

Hi everyone! Here is the Monday Newsletter from us, so welcome to it and lets dive in:) Getting the Flexaret (which I wrote about in the previous newsletter) really triggered a new interest in analogue cameras. Just figured we would try out full format as well when we are getting into film:) The good news is that you still can get cameras and lenses pretty cheap if you just want to test it out. After some research on several forums I was pleased to see that a camera I had previously owned, often popped up in my searches. To elaborate you on what went in to my criteria for picking a camera it was this: Produced between the late 70s to mid 80s (mass produced, but still decent quality), Produced in Japan and in huge numbers(still possible to get without breaking the bank), Possibility of full manual mode(you can individually change, aperture, shutter speed, exposure stops), has a light meter(this helps you not over/underexpose your shot), is an SLR(single lens reflex. Basically means camera with a mirror that can change out the lens). It came down to two cameras; the Canon A1 or the Pentax ME Super. I went with the Pentax. I was really biased here:) This because my Dad gave me one of those when I was younger, and I actually used it a lot. The camera was stolen from me when I was studying as a goldsmith in Fredrikstad. I came home one day, and there was a guy standing in my living room when I opened the door. He was as shocked as me, and he ran out on the balcony and jumped the 3 meters down to the gravel in the back yard. I wasn't going to try break my neck, so I ran down the stairs instead, but it was too late. He was gone:( And off went my well taken care of Pentax with two lenses, a flash, and 10 rolls of undeveloped film. Sorry Dad! I tried! It was a sad day. Back to present day, you can then probably guess my fumbling(like a little boy on Christmas:)), when the second hand Pentax came in the mail. I now am the proud owner of a 35mm film camera!:)

This week I have been getting cleaning gear for the lenses and film for both the Pentax and Flexaret. I have left to take off the bottom of the Pentax and clean and lubricate the shutter mechanism. With the Flexaret its a longer wait. I am waiting for a new mirror in the mail, and I also need a special tool to be able to clean the shutter mechanism. So shooting wise the Pentax will be used first. And hopefully this week, as it will be cloudy and I will be using black and white film:) 

The last week, we have actually done no shooting what so ever. We have been focusing on getting rid of stuff at home and clearing out the garage. This also ment selling off our 1969 beetle which we have had so many nice road trips with. It really hurt, but it was in need of some serious welding. The time for that we just don't have right now, so he had to go. To our defence we have used him when ever we could and have lots of pictures and memories with our little beetle. We have driven him all over Europe and Scandinavia, and had some great encounters. Driving our VW has also resulted in meeting some fantastic people and even greater shots. We will be counting the days until we will have the opportunity to get another bug:)

I bid you all a goodnight.

Thank you for reading,

All the best, Sjur

Here is a snapshot from inside the beetle. Put down the seats and you have a bed:) 

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