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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

NEWSLETTER 02.06.2020

Hey everyone! Welcome to this weeks newsletter a day late. As I mentioned in the previous letter, there were some delays with the previous weeks and this weeks newsletter in addition to us changing the workflow and the way these letters are published. For new readers the change made is that the newsletter is now turned in to a blog page on our website instead of being mailed directly. You have the option of registering on the blog page to get notified of new letters among other things. The benefit for you guys is also that you can search through older letters and comment and interact on them as well. You have everything in one place so you don't have to search through your mailbox. So, now that we are up to date again with the publishing of this newsletter, lets dive in:)

The previous week I have been using 3 cameras. The Flexaret, The Pentax Super A and my iPhone 11. I have not at all touched my digital SLR, which is a Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark ii. (All these cameras have such complicated names, and I had to actually go to the Olympus site to spell this right:)) This is not because I don't want to use it, its because I just wanted to have the most efficient way to shoot together with the analog cameras. The first step on that ladder I have found being to cut down on the gear you bring along. If you have one camera with a lens or two then you are all set. Also if you are carrying several camera houses of the same system. If you bring analog into the mix like me, things get more complicated. Not necessarily because they demand a little more gear, but its the fact that you have different systems that don't interchange.

Flexaret (left), Pentax Super A (right), Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark ii (middle)

So what I wanted to shoot was this: Lomochrome purple with the Pentax Super A. Black and white with the Flexaret. And also have a digital option for sudden snaps or video. I would then have to bring with me the Flexaret, Super A and the E-M5 Mark ii. Sounds a lot, but is actually more doable than you would think.

As luck would have it, all cameras fit in my mindshift camera backpack. You may think it is crazy to be walking around with a camera backpack all the time, but this backpack is light and genius. Again, know what you want to shoot, cut down on the gear and your bag is light and not a drag to bring along. Most importantly you will use less time in fiddling around, changing lenses and unpacking stuff to miss out on composing and shooting time. This is something that is amazingly difficult, as we always tend to think "I´ll bring it along just in case". What usually happens is that you use a fraction of what you packed in your bag. I also struggle with this, but if you are a bit strict with yourself you will be rewarded in the field, and not having to make too many choices when you are out and about.

First out, the Flexaret. Has one lens. It is fixed to the body, and has a leather casing. The release cable fits in it and filters have their own hang on pouch. Fits inside the big room in the backpack, great! Next up the Super A. I found a cheap Low pro bag which fits the Pentax cameras and my choice of lens perfectly. The Low Pro TLZ-10 fits like a glove with a short lens like a 50 mm prime that I use. Lastly the E-M5 has already its own belt pouch as you can see from the picture beneath. This also with only one lens. All Cameras fit snugly into this compact backpack. If you wonder if this kind of backpack is worth the money I can tell you immediately that they are.

My Mindshift backpack

So for convenience this is how I have been shooting this week: when shooting with the Flexaret I would connect the release cable so I wouldn't loose it, and be metering the light with the Super A. For snaps and video I would use my iPhone. The cameras on the iphones have become really good, and I actually prefer to use it on closeups and some portraits. I will go into this in a later post. So to sum up, the only extra gear I needed to keep track of was the lens hood on the Pentax, since the lens hood on the Flexaret is attached to the camera with a thread. Handling these 3 cameras at the same time actually works fine. This is due to the fact that there is as little gear as possible and we know what we are shooting. If you want to use time with a lot of gear go ahead. Its just that I am the type of guy who can't cook doing more than 3 casseroles. I will end up burning something. Same with the gear; I will forget something in the bushes:) So I prefer as little as possible. If you have hundreds of options you will also want to try them. I can reassure you with that the fear of not having the right lens on location is easily overcome. You may not have lots of shots of everything, but you will have a few good shots of the something you where aiming for in the first place:)

For the upcoming week I will try and finish the roll in the Flexaret and the Super A. That being a Lomography purple film in the Super A and an Ilford Super XP2 400 in the Flexaret. Going to be very exiting to develop these, and maybe next week I will have received the previous rolls I have sent in. Hope to see your eyes next wee, and until then;

Stay safe and take care, Sjur

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Stay safe, bsp

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