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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

NEWSLETTER 08.06.2020

Hi to everyone and hope you all are doing great!

Here is this weeks newsletter and hope you will enjoy it:)

To sum up the past weeks shooting, it goes like this:

I finally finished the roll of Ilford Super XP2 400 in the Flexaret and delivered to the lab(It is going to be a long 3 weeks to see the results. Yes, 3 weeks is what they said). I am now going to let the Flexaret rest until I get the results from the lab. Then I know if their are no light leaks, malfunctions etc. I will also get to see if I need to send my lens in for cleaning or if my own job did the trick:) I will still snap the shutter every week just to keep it from sticking, since the long shutter speeds are sluggish. Read that it probably won't help, but I am settling with the probably could:)

Still not done with the Lomography purple in the Pentax Super A, but its getting there. I try to think of having a lot of yellow and/or green in the composition so it gives a better purple effect. I found a site that told me how most colours would turn out with the Lomochrome film, and it even came with a colour chart. Nice! You can find it here.

This is basically what it says: - Green turns to purple and even blue

- Yellow turns to pink

- Orange turns pinkish

- Red turns to a hint of Brown

- Blue turns to cyan

This film can be shot at a setting of 100-400 ASA(ISO) on your camera, and until the last 5-6 shots I had it on 400 ASA. After some research on that online, I found a lot of people get a better lighting and purple by shooting it on 200 ASA. So from those last 5-6 shots and out the roll I am going with 200 ASA. We will see if they are right.

I also loaded a new film this week. Since I already had done one Fomapan(a 400ASA in the Pentax Super A) I loaded a Fomapan 200 ASA in the Pentax ME. This camera is an aperture priority camera without a manual mode option. That means you dial your aperture, focus, and the camera decides the shutter speed. It does have a 100x option for blitz shooting or if the battery is dead and a bulb mode.

So going in to this week, I will try focus more on the Lomochrome purple film in the Pentax Super A and also shoot the Fomapan in the Pentax ME. I will also try and take out the Olympus for some long exposures:) So to sum up, nothing back from the lab yet and 4 films delivered and still only shooting analog...

Pentax Me with a 50mm 1.7 lens

I want to share a bit of my experience so far with these analog cameras and how it has adjusted the way I shoot. Since I started this newsletter, which is only a couple of months ago there have been certain changes and acknowledgements:

First off, I never leave the house without a camera anymore. I used to damn myself now and then for not bringing my Olympus. Sometimes I would go knowingly without it thinking that I would probably not have the time to shoot, or it didn´t look like a good day for shooting. Wrong! You will always find subjects or great landscapes if you forget it. It is also a lot easier to bring a small camera in a small bag. Getting a carry with you bag actually makes you bring it more often instead of "dragging" the huge setup.

Second, since film is expensive to buy and develop, you take more care in composition and hard out ask yourself if it is worth the shot. In the beginning now I have been more careless about it, still keeping it in mind though, since the first rolls are testing the cameras. They still cost money though, and it is good exercise. I feel it rubbing off on when I am using my digital camera. I don´t take 20 shots anymore, but 2.

Thirdly, falling in love with shooting all over again. I have written this before, but the Pentax cameras are just great little machines when they work. I have a couple that don´t and that I am trying to repair, but we will dig into that on another post down the road. The feel and handling of these small SLR´s are just great. This is an individual interpretation of course, but I can assure anyone that gets any of the models I have talked about, will not be dissapointed. I still have left to find things I don´t like about them.

Fourth and last; it has narrowed down further just what and how I want to shoot. I am still holding on to this plan: Analog for portraits and street with strictly 50mm prime lenses. Digital for long exposure and landscape. And at last the beautiful Flexaret, also for landscape and long exposure. This is of course very early to say just two months in to analog, so we will see if it will change during the year:)

Flexaret with the release cable attached.

Last off here are some improvements I got for the Flexaret that came in last week:

A release cable that actually fits all the Pentax cameras as well! This I got off eBay for about 100 NOK. I also got a screw insert so I can attach the 1/8 screw of my tripod plate to the 3/8 hole on the Flexaret. This I got from Fotoplex.no where you also can get different type of plate screws for your tripod. The Flexaret is as I said going to rest a bit until I see the results, but now it is at least ready for long exposures:)

I am guessing you all will read this tomorrow, since it is now half past eleven:)

Until next week, keep safe and have a great night, Sjur



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