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NEWSLETTER 15.06.2020

Hi everyone, and

welcome to this weeks newsletter:)

Summing up the past weeks shooting, it goes like this:

I finished both the Lomochrome purple in the Super A and the Fomapan 200, and they are both delivered in to the lab. I do not at the moment have any film in any camera, and I might let it be like that for the time being.

I have been taking out the Olympus for hand held shots, and testing it more with a wide open aperture and fast shutterspeeds on sunny days. When going from shooting analog for some weeks and hooking up with the Olympus again, you feel so spoiled having fast autofocus on your digital camera. It really takes so much more skill to get the focus right on the analog ones. Not to mention finding the right light metering. With the first roll on the Flexaret I went with the easy option and had the Pentax measure it for me before I shot.

As mentioned before, I will let the Flexaret rest until I get the first film back to see the results. I have taken it out though every other day to exercise the shutter and timer. Shooting about 100 shots or so every second day has actually worked! It is now occasionally freezing up on 1/2 and 1 second. The best thing is that the timer now works because of exercising it, and it did not at all before. I know that I have to eventually clean it out, but I am still waiting from the spanner from china. That is the slowest parcel I have ever ordered if I may say so. Well, guess one just has to grease oneself with patience in our times of import and export tugs of war.

In addition to ending the rolls in the Super A and ME, I have been doing a lot of post processing this week. I had 4 cards that needed emptying and a look through. I go straight with intuition when I do this. The first picture that I see I like, I open it straight up and start working on it. I just can't hold to how a lot of people say you should do: Sort through first and then start processing. I have never done it this way, and guess I never will. So what then happens is that I will not get finished sorting through before I start working on them. If that leaves me with some sorting work for tomorrow, I am fine with that. I like to work on the pictures at once that immediately spark my interest. For me that means that I captured a shot with elements that I like, and that I can develop further or jump straight to cropping with. Luckily the cards hold only 30-40 shots each so there is not that much to go through:)

Lastly there has been some camera repair attempts that have not quite worked out(yet):) Denny and I got an old Ricoh 500 G at the same time that we got an old typewriter in a second hand store a few years ago. I had almost forgotten about it, but picked it out of the shelf. The shutter fired and it seemed to work ok, but when opening the bach door, the foam that helps keep the light had deteriorated a lot. There were sticky pieces everywhere, and it needed to go. For some reason it is very difficult to find foam 1-2mm in thickness with glue on one side. You can find it yes, but to a hefty price. After googling a bit I found some one that used felt instead of foam and thought I would give it a go. I found some self adhesive felt at Biltema that I tried to cut out and put in. I was hoping the 2mm thickness was not too much, but it was. The door would not close. I then found some simple sheets of black foam at Panduro hobby that were 2mm thick. Going to try to glue or use double sided tape on this. Maybe it will fit we will see.

The next thing was that after firing away to test the shutter, it suddenly jammed. The winding latch was left open and would not go back. So after some youtube and finding out that taking off the lens and going into the mechanisms there could help the jam, I dived in. I went as far as off with the aperture ring and getting to the shutter blades. After two times off and on, I did find a chinese site that showed the right shutter blade orientation. And I might actually have find the fault. This I will get to on opening it up a third time and also putting in the new foam. One discouraging note though, is that these Ricoh cameras are apparently one of the most difficult to repair. Guess we will have to be gentle with this one:)

I finally got back the first film!

It was the Ilford XP2 400 that was shot in the Pentax ME Super. This is something that does not say anywhere. You get your developed shots and negatives, but you don't get to know what type of film it was. This you have to keep track of yourself. I figured if I wrote this on the pickup slip I will be good for future references. From this first film I have gotten 22 shots out of 36 possible. I remember that I shot a few blanks at first, and also some that I forgot to check the metering when shooting, so it makes sense.

Opening the folder to see those first shots of black and white was to much suspense to wait for. We stopped half way home in the mountains and opened it. I have to say I really like the way this film looks. I need to shoot it more of course to get a real impression, but it looks very nice. I am not going to show all of them but here are some of the nice ones below.

I ordered negatives, 10x15´s and a cd. Nice thing about it is that you can get an idea of which ones to put on high quality paper. All in all I am happy with how the pictures turned out. The ones I have that are not in focus, is expected. Either from me not being sure of the focus or having the sun in my eye. The ones in focus are very nice and the lenses and the Pentax ME Super takes good images.

We have decided to high resolution scan the negatives to make good prints, but we will not post process any analog shots. So any analog shot is straight out of camera. The shots below are not scanned, but shot just with my phone since I don't have a cd rom player to read the cd:)

The one thing that I am not so happy with is that some of the negatives where cut in half. This seems like a fault of the machine that has developed it. Makes me think that I should probably develop my own negatives, since that is not as difficult as colour film. You can cut your own roll after developing:) You can also do this environmentally friendly with natural ingredients. This will be in another story though:)

For this weeks shooting, I think I am going mostly digital. Maybe I will load a Fomapan 100 or 200 in one of the Pentaxes. We will see.

Its now half past twelve, so I bid you goodnight:)

Until next week, keep safe, Sjur


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