NEWSLETTER 28.09.2020

Hope everyone is doing good and welcome to this weeks newsletter!

First off, some social news, and it starts with my the.black.of.a.crow project on Instagram.

I have started to caption/quote/name the pictures again. When I say again, I mean like I did on the blacksnailprints account before I started the.black.of.a.crow. I mentioned it in an earlier post that I probably couldn't leave texting the images alone:) So now they have that in addition to the number of the post. I have set a rule for myself with the captions, and that is that there is a maximum of 3 words. Its actually harder than you might think. But I am happy with how it is now so we will see how it develops. So to sum up; the blacksnailprints account has poems or limericks and the the.black.of.a.crow account has a 1-3 word caption. Details, details, yes I know, and its easy to figure out anyway, but I just want to let you guys know why I suddenly changed that.


Here follows some more news:

I posted my first analog shot earlier today, and I really love how that turned out. I will be going on the website after I have posted this, and as said previously; no post processing on that one. I want my analog shots to be untouched for now. They have only been scanned in from the negative in high resolution.

In the few weeks, I will be setting up options for giclΓ©e prints available for all the pictures in the gallery. I want to transition in to only these high quality paper prints in the long run, and photographic paper will be the secondary option upon request.

The shooting that has been done this week has been so fun. Autumn up here is not disappointing and its everything from hurricanes with windspeeds at 45 m/s, (yes you read correctly; 162 km/h winds!) to not a breath of air and mirror reflecting oranges and yellows. So nice to just gear up and hopp on the bike or in the RV and set out for tiny expeditions. Not to mention the northern lights. They are back with a vengeance for sure. I posted lots of lights on my stories on Instagram yesterday. You see now and then swirls with pink and green dancing lights here, but this was all over and so bright! I have seen a lot of auroras out here, but it stunned me:) It was crazily cool for all us photo nerds hiding in the bushes from ambient light, but also for everyone on a romantic stroll:)


So in the past week I went through all the cameras. I have done long exposures on the Olympus. Long exposures on the iPhone(which worked out surprisingly well, see above and below), and last but not least; long exposures on the Flexaret and the Pentax ME! So it has been lots of long exposures:) Going to be so fun to see how the Flexaret and Pentax shots turn out. Kind of nerve-racking but also a great indication if I am metering the light correctly. I am using the ME or ME Super to meter with the Flexaret and counting seconds in bulb or time mode with the mechanical release cable. Will be like a kid when I get that one back from the lab for sure!:)


This week I was supposed to have gone through the app I have been testing out. I wanted to do this as a screen recording of my phone as I walk you through the different options of the app. Since my video capabilities still are not that up to par, I have to postpone it until next weeks newsletter. I have dug into it today, and know now how I am able to record sound while recording my screen as I go through the app:). Yes, I know, still a lot to learn:) So now that the recording part is in the box, I will also need time to cut and paste the video together in the movie app on the mac. There are tons of better options I know, but I will be ok doing it simple. Hopefully it will be up next week:)

Instead of the app review I am here going to give a quick tour on how I stacked the bracketed shots into the image "Sleeping beauty" I posted on Instagram a couple of days ago. I have tried bracketing in camera, but it gives me a jpeg, and I want a raw or tiff file as an end result. So since the Olympus can not deliver that, I do it in lightroom. Just first lets back up a bit and I will describe what bracketing and image stacking is.

Bracketing is something you can do manually or you can tell your camera to do it if it has that option. Almost any SLR you can buy today will have a dedicated bracketing option. You can also do it on your desktop with a program or plugin on your editing program of choice. This is what I use. More specifically I use LR/Enfused that is a plug in that works with Lightroom Classic. This is a plugin that my brother tipped me of some years back. It was then free to download if you donated a small amount to the designer. I still use the same plugin today, and haven't updated it in any way. It works really well. Bracketing is simply put taking several pictures with changing a setting slightly more or less in every new picture. For example if you stop down your ISO for each shot you will have maybe 5 shots ranging from light til dark. What is the point of this? Well if you shoot underexposed (dark) shots you get more details off of the light areas in the picture. Same the other way, you get more details in the darker areas the higher you push the ISO. The beauty of it is that when you blend these images together, which is called stacking, you will get details from both the dark and light areas in the photos. There are lots of different ways you can bracket also, and this was just an example. You can focus bracket, aperture bracket, change filter and different increments for every shot also. The choices and toys are endless thank god:) This is what makes it interesting. Its kind of like your mini darkroom when you choose out the shots:) I does take some trial and error to adjust increments and find the number of shots to bracket to get the result you want, but that is the fun of it. Usually I use 5, but 3 or 7 is also fine. Yes hung up in odd numbers, but 4 and 6 can also be used. You decide. There are no right answers. Experiment and play:)

Down below is a walk through of that last picture I did in the Enfused plugin. It has no sound, so thank heavens it is short:) I will get better on the video part, I promise:)


As I mentioned earlier, LR/Enfused is a plugin that works well with Lightroom Classic. You need to go to the page and download it from the right side section box. They walk you through on the page how you install this, and it is pretty straight forward. After you have installed it, you can use it by clicking "File", and then "Plug-in extras" as you will see from the video. Here I select the pictures I want to fuse/stack/blend and then go through the options and dialog box of LR/Enfused. If you get a blurry result your images are not properly aligned. If you have shot them on a tripod you need to turn off the align images automatically option or else it could get blurry. Same goes the other way with handheld shots. They explain it well in the options as you will see. If you get artefacts or other fussy things, it could be that there is a bird in one of your shots for instance.

Again, play and experiment with this plug-in. It works great for me and definitely give some amazing results when you get it right. You also get a 16 bit TIFF file from it:)

We just passed into a new day, so I bid you all goodnight and hope everyone is ok and still taking precautions. We are all tired of the virus, but we need to be a little clever about it:)

Goodnight, and good morning, Sjur




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Stay safe, bsp

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